Monday, November 13, 2017

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How to teach effect ability is the best? Anglo-American social universal implementation of general education, not only because of general education itself has value, is not only because it is the quintessence of traditional education, but in order to solve the practical problems faced in the British and American social development, down-to-earth efforts ever made in the field of education. Although this effort was very tough, also full of twists and turns, but they cannot but admit that its effect is obvious: replica ferragamo belt xl buckle it does help us success through the social turmoil of the 1960 s, and have played an important role in British and American capitalist society development.

Man is a social animal. Any education is a education in a specific society. Education not only lets students master knowledge, but also not only enables them to acquire skills, but also, education is closely linked with culture and values. Through education, one can be more aware of who he is and where he or she is in the world and the universe. The goal of education is to make a person better living, living and developing in a specific social environment. The social, cultural and ideological attributes of education are now often forgotten, but they exist objectively. Denying or ignoring this fundamental factor would be a huge and irreparable harm to the child's education.

From arising and developing of general education in the United States, serve for us interests is the ultimate goal of general education, but the measures of general education effectively improved the quality of higher education in the United States, and in fact it improves the ability of educatees. See clear the ideological attribute of general education does not mean that can't use general education thought, on the contrary, if the general education can effectively solve the specific problems of American society, so, as long as we are able to practically from the specific issues facing LV Belt society, realize the creative transformation, also can improve and improve the quality of education in Louis Vuitton Belt. In particular, although the idea and concept of education is rooted in western culture, ferragamo belt big buckle its concrete measures have little to do with ideology. The development of education in British and American society can help us to think better: in order to solve the practical problems of LV Belt society, why do we need to know education?

The most important function of uniting the social consensus on education is to build social consensus. This is often overlooked. People tend to focus on the implementation of education and specific measures, but forget about the goal of meeting education. Of America's best universities are promoting general education after world war ii, ferragamo belt gold buckle because the university leaders deeply realized that the reconstruction after the world war ii is the most important threats to freedom, as a result of diverse social ideological trend of division and social democratic values. The increasing professionalism has strengthened the centrifugal force of society.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

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From this perspective, actually it is easy to understand, why the red book of harvard general education so that a report discussing university general education, begins to talk about is a high school education, and most are talking about the general education goals how to implement in high school. That is because the primary goal of the education is to build consensus among americans about a liberal democratic society. fake ferragamo belt college was a minority privilege. If you only know education through college, it is not possible for most people in society to establish their faith in liberal democratic values. This work can only be done and must be done from middle school. The academics who wrote the report were acutely aware that education was not just for universities but for education itself. If you can't seethe seeds of education in the middle school, it's almost impossible to achieve the goal of meeting education in college.

From this point of view, it's not difficult to understand why the most important thing about education is the value education? Just after the second world war makes American society believes that if there is no good values - that is, he (she) the democratic values of freedom that identity - the guidance, the road of human will to evil. Professional education itself will not or will not provide that value. Scientists with the same expertise tend to take opposite actions in different values. Therefore, it is necessary to help students to establish the liberal democratic values of American society through their knowledge of education, ferragamo belt replica uk and to wear a helmet with a light bulb on education. Otherwise, the more professional knowledge the students have, the greater the harm to society.

From this point of view, it is not difficult to understand why we know education special emphasis on cultivating students' communicative ability. For in a liberal democracy, persuasion - not authority and order - is the most important way to get approval from others, and persuasion relies mainly on verbal speech and expression.

We have to go back to the social context and the actual situation of the education generation to understand what we are dealing with. This general knowledge of education is by no means a beautiful concept in the study of education. At just after the second world war, the world is celebrating the victory, harvard those great scholars have foreseen the future possible differentiation in the United States, and around the world, split, turmoil and conflict, etc. Various crisis. To overcome these crises, he or she chose to know the way to education. In fact, around the all design of general education and job, cheap ferragamo belts were in order to solve a core problem: to establish a belief in free democratic society and consensus, education should teach students?