Wednesday, May 30, 2018

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We decided to stop risking, so we asked the director to apply for a break. Once a very dense body is free, it becomes unfamiliar. After finishing in a few minutes, he rolled up the red sheets and stuffed them into a black backpack to take away, like a man used to collecting a used condom.

The crew and the crew didn't gather again, but a few months later, he called a chilling call and I improvised a movie line: Dry a gun. He came in plain, and I gave him a Meal. Then we did not have a chat, and in the end, like finding an ending, we made a three- minute love and craving for the first time.
Can people stop themselves from falling in love with others? The answer is hard. Is it not allowed to fall in love with others when married? Looks like this. Marriage is autocratic. People who try to talk about democracy in marriage are inevitably attacked.

There is a female professor who is studying “more love”. What she does in daily life is to go out on a date with someone, or take her husband to see him, test him if he is jealous, and call her a feminist miraculous husband. . This is a play game for little girls. I played it when I was 20 years old. Arrange the admirers to meet, let them negotiate, or communicate, and then be an on-site observer. Man out of grace, will be polite, conversational joy, tacitly does not plant in the woman's tricks.

In turn, regardless of male power or feminist research, men seldom take their wives to see him. They don't want to stimulate women or like temptation. As it turned out, most women do not have much love quality, they are better at tearing X war. The reason why a man decides to live on a relationship is whether the other person still loves him. If she falls in love with someone else, no matter if he is better or better than him, he will give up. Women Black Ferragamo Belt are far inferior to men in acknowledging failure. Their three-character passages are not allowed, not accepted and not allowed to go.

However, there are exceptions. Friends know two couples who live without this intersection, just in the same neighborhood, tentatively called A House and B family. One day, A home owner in men know the group B home Female Heart goodwill, taking advantage of walking the dog down the stairs, and walk in the garden of her cotton, one to two, two people could not help but steal from the situation. Originally adultery was not harmless, and the marriage life of each other was adjusted. But they stole true love and wanted to spend more than half of their lives. They then each had a showdown with their spouses.