Saturday, June 30, 2018

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I drank too much the night before and called the ex-girlfriend for a few words. In fact, I didn't really talk about anything else. It was just a simple greeting. She was aware of it and told me to shame and shamelessly hated her! To break up with me, I really could not bear her, ask wood teacher! Really ask for advice, look forward to reply, thank you! We have been together for several years. My house has been bought. I am planning to get married next year. How can she be so cruel?

I have a friend to drink and propose to someone, and then the other person agrees. He handed out all his net worth for this, tossing for years to get married. He is a thoughtful person, Salvatore Ferragamo Red Belt the turning relationship with women occurs after drinking. But every time I couldn't forgive myself for the dumb moment, I didn't come back with those women.

What does alcohol mean to men? It means drinking the truth after drinking. You said lightly, just talking to your ex-girlfriend for a few simple greetings. Why did you remember the long-lost woman? Going forward, you are separated from the target by two months. You only see it once in two months. It's a huge emptiness after you finish living. Further deductions are that when you broke up with your ex-girlfriend you still had feelings for her. You haven't really put down. You want to know if she's been doing well and have missed you.