Thursday, October 25, 2018

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Hearing the defendant rogue speech, He Yan, Head of the Criminal Division of the Intermediate People Court of Sanya City, remarked: Is the poor and ignorance the grounds for your crimes? Can the poor just steal as they should? You have no If you want to live, how can there be no way to survive? Your average age is only 28 years old. When you are strong and strong, go to the construction site and work at home, just be willing to do it. How can there be no upright income? Poverty is not terrible, and what is terrible is that you have a good and lazy heart.

A good and refreshing drink, please! President He won a round of applause over the internet. Think about it carefully, but it is particularly ironic. President He remarks are in fact nothing new. We are not particularly familiar with the textbooks, model essays, and childhood parent and teacher education in primary and junior high schools. Why today's words seem to have become scarce, but it sounds fresh.

Should we sympathize with the poor and the weak? This is like a life looking back at another life, taking care of the weak, and sympathizing with the weak is a natural flow of life emotions, but we do not have to be kidnapped by morals, let alone to scold others.